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Your framework for Ophthalmology Oral Board success

OphthoGenie is a one of a kind study platform that provides you with comprehensive, high-yield, up-to-date cases using an innovative study method with performance statistics to give you the confidence, knowledge, and skills to pass the ophthalmology Oral Board Exam on your first try.

200 interactive cases and counting!

Founded by Ophthalmologists,
for Ophthalmologists.


Create tests with cases from all six test topics in two different test modes (Beginner or Advanced).

Study Buddy

Simulate exam day by inviting a friend to test you with real-time screen-sync functionality.

Study Bank

Get access to all 200 interactive cases (and counting!) to review at your own pace.

Favorite Cases

Star your favorite cases to revisit later.

Timed Testing

Time yourself in Advanced Mode to practice your oral delivery within ABO's allotted session times.

Performance Metrics

Focus your studying and track your progress with personalized scoring.

From Our Customers

“I used OphthoGenie to study for my Spring 2019 oral board exams. I used the other typical oral board review books but found OphthoGenie to be the most comprehensive review of ophthalmology and was great preparation for any case that could be asked on oral boards. After going through the material, I felt that I was incredibly prepared for anything the examiners presented on test day. Highly recommended.”

Priya Sharma, MD

“This oral board prep resource is the most comprehensive in content of all of the available books. It is the only resource I utilized to study and I felt well prepared. The format of the slides are equally great for solo study or role-play studying with a friend. I wasn’t sure whether or not to sign up for the Osler course to boost my confidence, but I decided not to and I am so glad I did not spend that money! Thanks Kendra and Nora - I highly recommend this for everyone taking the oral boards!”

Emily Wright, MD

"I found OphthoGenie indispensable to my studying for the oral boards (which I fortunately passed). The breadth of information was probably the most important aspect to this review guide. There were always a few sections in the various review books that felt kind of sparse. OphthoGenie includes so many diagnoses that I didn’t expect would show up on the test (and yet I reviewed them, just in case!), and then of course, they showed up on test day. I am so grateful that I used this resource to prepare and 100% recommend it to others. The electronic interface allowed me to study at work or at home and made studying much, much easier. Thank you OphthoGenie!"


“The oral board exam is the most unnatural exam we will ever take and it is particularly difficult for people like myself who freeze up during anything resembling 'pimping'. There is no real comprehensive study source that is conquerable in a reasonable amount of time, particularly during busy fellowship or first year of practice. Reading BCSC is not an efficient use of time and doesn't help with the oral format of the exam. Lucky for me, I had access to the early version of OphthoGenie and used it almost exclusively to prepare. There is no way I could have passed without it and am forever indebted to its creators!'

Erica Liu, MD

OphthoGenie Pricing

OG Trial

  • 3 Interactive Cases
  • Unlimited Tests (trial)
  • Performance Analytics
  • Study Buddy
  • Save Favorites (trial)
  • Study Bank (trial)

OG Core

  • 200 Interactive Cases
  • Unlimited Tests
  • Performance Analytics
  • Study Buddy
  • Save Favorites
  • Study Bank

OG PlusMost Popular

  • 200 Interactive Cases
  • Unlimited Tests
  • Performance Analytics
  • Study Buddy
  • Save Favorites
  • Study Bank

All subscriptions are active for 6-months from the start date.
You can request a one-time 3-month extension by emailing [email protected].

Group discounts available for groups of 4 or more.


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